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Closure of Stratford Music Centre

As students, parents and friends of the Music Centre will now be aware, it is with great sadness that after 46 years of music making and education in the musical, dance, and dramatic arts, the activities of the Centre have now had to come to a permanent end.

Following our transfer from Stratford College to Stratford School, much of the promise that had been discussed regarding a close working relationship with the school has not developed in the ways that had been expected.

The Centre's underlying corporate entity is a non-profit body. Whilst it has received support from the Town Trust over the years for specific projects, for which we have always been most grateful, the major element of the Centre's income is derived from fees paid by students.

Faced with a 37% increase in rental charges by the School from September 2019, the inability to agree new contracts, and current student numbers which are insufficient to maintain a viable financial position, the unavoidable decision had to be taken formally to bring our activities to a conclusion as soon as possible at the end of this term.

The Centre has seen enormous successes in both formal exams taken by students and the pleasure that lessons and other activities have given to so many who have wanted a less formal route to experiencing the long recognised benefits of being involved individually and in groups in the musical, dance and dramatic arts. We have been supported by many dedicated tutors over the years for whose work and commitment we are most grateful and appreciative.

A number of students have gone on to full time professional careers after having started with us.

We would like to extend our grateful thanks to all those who have been involved with the Centre as students, tutors, parents/guardians, friends and supporters over so many years.

Whilst we are no longer at the School, we can still be contacted by phone, post or email at the company's registered office, and the revised details are on our contacts page (see panel on the right) or at the foot of this page


Margaret and Steph wish to thank everyone who has sent all the wonderful messages, cards and presents to them since the announcement was made that the Centre would be closing.

Contact details

For full details please see our 'contacts' page here. Please note change of mobile number.

Please do not send any post to our old College or Stratford School addresses.

Approaches to students

We are aware that students and parents have been contacted by one or more other organisations offering their lessons and activities to our students and at one point indicating that we had given permission for them to do so.

We would like to make it clear that at no time did we give such permission or condone such approaches.

We have not, and will not, give any details of our students to any third party without specific permission from the student or responsible adult to do so..

Contrary to any other indication that may have been given, we would hope that where possible, our students may be able to make arrangements for their individual lessons to continue privately with the tutors with whom thay have worked whilst associated with us.